why e-counselling?

Many women are interested in counselling but never make it to an appointment.  It’s too much hassle, too hard to get there, to park, to keep it private from partner or family. It probably won’t be worth it anyway. Easier to stay home.

You might be challenged by time, mobility, physical or mental capacity, or geography. You may worry about people finding out where you’re going, or you may just need a soft start, to see what it’s like before committing.

You’re the client, you call the shots. Now you can sit in the comfort of your own home, office, car (or anywhere) and get great support through coaching or counselling with a professional psychotherapist.  Yes, it really is easier to stay home. 


Live video counselling (via Skype, Zoom or FaceTime) eliminates many barriers that may be holding you back. (It also takes care of parking fees, and the dread of getting ready to get out and ‘face the world’.)

We’ve been counselling and coaching online since our inception, long before the world adapted to life in doors amid COVID-19.

Online counselling can be done anywhere you are comfortable and have internet access

Call now for a chat to see if e-counselling  is right for you, or drop us an email. 

People chose e-counselling because they:

  • are challenged to get to an office appointment around work and family commitments
  • have restricted mobility
  • lack the time or resource for travel and parking
  • live remotely or in a care facility
  • need to fit it in when the kids are sleeping
  • feel vulnerable and just need an easy start point
  • currently lack capacity to get ready and travel to a practice
  • enjoy the comfort and confidentiality of being in their own space.


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