The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off.

Gloria Steinem

A Guide to Survive Grown and Flown

Many parents feel really despondent, lonely and anxious when their kid hits adulthood and leaves home. Whether Uni bound or starting their own new job, or family, the change can be profound.  With the sense of accomplishment for them and yourself, the joy and excitement, it’s still natural to feel down. For many, it’s a […]

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13 Survival Strategies for When Your Kid Leaves Home

Whether you’re whooping or grieving, it’s the end of an era like no other.  Whether they’ve hot footed it to Uni, or taken their first dose of independent living and working, here’s your guide on how to face forward and prosper (aka ‘get through’). Stage 1 – the early days Cry!  Having a sob can be […]

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Empty nest without a syndrome?

A common term is bandied around to package our feelings when our child leaves home.  We are experiencing  ’empty nest syndrome’, a handy descriptor to explain the clash of thoughts and feelings that erupt at that moment, many not anticipated or previously experienced. A social descriptor, rather than a clinical diagnosis, ’empty nest syndrome’ is […]

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Making Sense of Menopause

Why are things that are so natural, so innate to our being and biology, often so shrouded in mystery? The answer lies in patriarchy’s long history of power and control, that helped render the natural machinations of a female body – menstruation, sexual desire, child bearing – secret and shameful. Menopause has become something that […]

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How useful are the ‘5 stages of grief’ when your kid leaves home?

For many, grief is keenly associated with their kid leaving home. It can take many guises, from simple sadness, maybe fleeting, to overwhelming, searing pain.  For the sufferers, when mixed with optimism and strength (underpinned with support from others), it may take on a less painful shape. For others it cuts deep, dominates and requires […]

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