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We recognise the unique challenges women face in life, especially around their sexuality, life changes, ageing, career and parenting.  We all need support sometimes.

We also know that (regardless of how many friends or family we have around), we usually need a non-judgemental, objective space to really address what’s going on. That’s where we come in.

We offer confidential counselling and coaching to women everywhere, specialising in sexuality, life changes and parenting.

We connect online via Zoom, Skype, or FaceTime, working from the comfort of your home, office, even car. Wherever it is comfortable and confidential.

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Women in particular can feel conflicted by who they are, who they want to be and who they think they should be. 

Our counselling helps you work through all manner of challenges and confusions. Counselling can help you recognise the parts of yourself and the roles they play, helping you rediscover your true Self and move on with the life you wish for.

Our coaching services help you set goals, and map out steps to achieve them. We give directional support, and use counselling skills along the way if needed. (Sometimes a block to your progress may need working on therapeutically.)


“I need help finding myself again, now my kids have left home”
“I think I’m in menopause, is that it now? Will I ever want sex again?”
“I’ve spent so long taking care of other people, I don’t really know who I am. I’m lost.”
“My young son keeps masturbating and I have no idea what to do.”
“I hate my career and my husband. Help.”
“I feel empty but have everything. I have no one to talk to, everyone thinks my life is perfect.”

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Michaela Southby M.Couns. PGDip. Sexol. B.A.Comms., M.A.C.A.

Michaela is registered with the Australian Counselling Association with a Masters in Counselling, qualifications in sexology and communications, and training in a range of therapeutic techniques. She has a long career in communications, training and facilitation, and has worked as a psychotherapist at leading agencies including Relationships Australia. She is a parent of three amazing young adults, and helps other parents tackle the often challenging work of sex and relationships education.

Find her at Psychology Today
Australian Counselling Association
Australian Register of Counsellors and Psychotherapists

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Do I need coaching or counselling?

A counsellor will be able to work as a coach, but a coach is not qualified to counsel. So what is the difference?

Coaching is more directional, goal and future oriented, with often fixed timelines for tasks, and fixed objectives. You still get to be heard, and your personal strengths and challenges are explored, with a view to discovering your skills and values and mapping a route to help you progress in life.

Counselling, while still goal oriented, plays a more gentle, fluid role. It’s a support that follows your lead and addresses areas needing attention and healing. The healing can be psychotherapeutic – we look at your inner world, your many parts, your thoughts and beliefs, your childhood.  We aim to help you understand why you operate the way you do and to develop self-compassion – this can create lasting, powerful change, and great relief.  This may then create space for more constructed life-planning (coaching).

At The Garden, counselling and coaching are both solutions-focussed, believing you have the capacity to achieve your goals, and that there is evidence somewhere to convince you of that.  Both modes of help will provide you with strategies and tools to help day to day.

Still not sure? We can discuss what is right for you in a complimentary chat. 

See you soon. x